Jeff Bezos responds after girlfriend filmed thirsting over Leo DiCaprio 2 months ago

Jeff Bezos responds after girlfriend filmed thirsting over Leo DiCaprio

Can't lie: peak supervillain vibes from budget Lex Luthor

Jeff Bezos had a bit of an awkward evening at the LACMA Art+Film Gala this past Saturday. No, he didn't bump into Elon but he did cross paths with Leonardo DiCaprio - at which point his girlfriend became kind of... preoccupied.


In the footage which has now been memed to death and joked about at the billionaire's expense, you can see the 57-year-old's girlfriend Lauren Sánchez close in on the award-winning actor and give him a hug as Jeff simply turns his head with a face that says... well, you decide for yourself:

Now, don't get us wrong - as cosy as she gets, this could be entirely innocent and a fan simply praising a much-loved actor as anyone would if they bumped into him at a party. But at first glance, you have to agree it looks pretty brutal and we would normally feel bad - except for, you know, the bed of money Bezos can easily cry into.

That being said, the Amazon founder didn't ignore the social media pile-on and tried to have a sense of humour about the whole thing, posting a quick joke to his Twitter account. At least, we hope it's a joke...


As we said, at least he's able to have a sense of humour about it - and we're absolutely certain that just because he looks like Lex Luthor doesn't mean he actually is, right?

On a serious note, it's very easy to take the piss out of billionaires - that's why we have so little reservations about doing so - but this is made 10 times funnier by the fact that people genuinely label this guy a real-life supervillain in the making.

All in all, it gave us a rare chuckle and we're sure it made Leo laugh a little too but, more than anything, it just made us think of this clip (if you know, you know).

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