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08th Nov 2021

Toy Story 3 fans spot X-rated joke we all missed first time round

Kieran Galpin


Kids film? Perhaps not

Eagle-eyed viewers have spotted a dirty joke in Pixar threequel Toy Story 3 that has remained hidden since the film came out over a decade ago in 2010. Yeah, it’s been that long.

Dirty jokes in kids films are far from unheard of – in fact, they’re more frequent than you might think. Toy Story 3 is one of many to hide adult innuendo inside an animated coating – and this time, it concerns everyone’s favourite potato couple.

During a heated moment between villain Lotso Huggin’ Bear and the movie’s plastic heroes, the big pink antagonist takes away Mrs Potato Head’s mouth, to which Mr Potato Head declares: “No one takes my wife’s mouth, but me.”

Of course, the phrase relates directly to the stealing of Mrs Potato Head’s mouth – but adults watching the clip knew better than to take things literally.

Here are some others you may have missed

In 2017’s Lego Batman Movie, Robin says: “My name’s Richard Grayson but all the kids at the Orphanage call me dick.”

Naturally, Bruce Wayne replies, “Well, children can be cruel.”

You may remember the “making the baby is the fun part” from Robots where Rodney’s mother holds up a box to build the baby – but the phrase itself is a clear reference to sex.

Perhaps one of the most iconic sexual hints was not using words at all; as in Toy Story 2, Buzz’s wings shoot out when he becomes… excited.

Frozen is also not without its naughty mentions, with the second instalment being ripe with suggestive phrases.

“I prefer you in leather anyways,” Anna tells her hubby Kristoff – and this isn’t the only time Kristen Bell’s character gets a little frisky. Throughout the second movie, she propositions her boyfriend numerous times and seemingly suggests getting down in the snow when Olaf and Elsa are asleep in the carriage.

Despite Disney holding off on openly gay characters or proper inclusion, it’s certainly clear they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty with a bit of innuendo to keep their adult audience happy.

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