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27th Nov 2023

I’m A Celebrity public opinion changes as traumatised Nella wins support

Joseph Loftus

People seem to be warming to Nella after quite the rocky start

There’s absolutely no hiding that I’m A Celebrity contestant, Nella Rose, had quite a rocky opening few days to her stay in Oz.

After going absolutely berserk at Fred just days into the show, many turned on Nella and headlines across the globe were absolutely panning her.

Now, however, it appears that people are slowly but surely starting to warm to the Belgian-born media personality.

After taking part in the horrifying trial Touchdown of Terror, where she eventually ended the trial early, viewers are now backing her and believe she shouldn’t be voted for in all the trials.

One person wrote: “I know nella said some rude things to Fred but they’re friends now, must the British public really continue to make her suffer like this honestly it’s getting boring now watching her do all the trials.”

Another wrote: “I don’t blame Nella for crying I actually feel bad for her it’s like naughty boy all over again + matt #imaceleb.”

A third added: “Nella is on these people’s minds day and night. If you don’t like her, stop voting her for the trials. #ImACeleb.”

Another commented: “‘We don’t want to see Nella’ but we’ll vote her for a trial and see her for half of the episode. ‘Nella is so loud’ so we will put her in an uncomfortable position where she most likely will be loud the logic of you people is honestly concerning at this point #ImACeleb.”

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