How Katie Price’s 'year of no dramas' is going so far 1 month ago

How Katie Price’s 'year of no dramas' is going so far

The former model promised to lead a quiet life following a turbulent 2021 – but it has turned out to be anything but

Katie Price pledged to make 2022 a year of “no dramas” in January, saying she was looking forward to enjoying a few quiet months with her fiancé Carl Woods.


2021 was a turbulent year for the former model which saw her go back to rehab after being arrested for drink driving while already banned from being behind the wheel.

She said: "2022 is my year, 22 is my lucky number. My birthday. The main box on Deal or No Deal. This has to be my year of no dramas.

"Babies, marriage, this year I want it all. I've definitely found the one in Carl and we will get married.”


But regrettably for Price, things haven’t turned out quite as she planned.

Last month she narrowly avoided jail once again after sending an “angry and inflammatory” message to her ex-husband in breach of a restraining order.

Price sent Kieran Hayler a message on January 21st this year – just weeks after committing to a peaceful 2022 - in which she branded his new partner, Michelle Penticost, a “c***ing whore” and a “gutter slag”.


The mum of five, who recently said she should receive an MBE, had been banned from contacting Ms Penticost directly or indirectly under the terms of a restraining order imposed in June 2019.

Shortly after the court date, Price was spotted in high-heeled Crocs while out on a shopping trip in Thailand with Woods.

The bright pink hybrid Croc with a high heel is believed to be from the brand’s collaboration with Balenciaga and retails at a cool £450.


Despite jetting off to Asia for some retail therapy, the former I’m a Celeb contestant has been involved in her fair share of financial woes this year.

In February, she managed to avoid going to jail (again) over failed repayments after reportedly agreeing to a last-minute deal on structuring her debt (thought to be £3.2 million).

The legal headaches resurfaced in June after bankruptcy trustees looked to find out how much she had been paid for recent work, including her Channel 4 series Mucky Mansion, which saw her completely renovate her Sussex home after it fell into serious disrepair.


They might find a few answers out in Thailand!


Failing that, they could try and get an invite to her wedding.

According to sources close to the couple they are planning to have a fairground on their big day at their West Sussex mansion and a big hog roast.

"Carl wants to arrive in a supercar and make a huge entrance”, they said, in a bid to make this wedding “completely different to all her other weddings”.

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