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08th May 2019

Ryan Reynolds ‘leaks’ Detective Pikachu movie in amazing troll move

Wil Jones

Are you ready for 100 minutes of Pikachu dancing?

In a remarkable move for a successful Hollywood superstar, Ryan Reynolds has ‘leaked’ the entirety of his new movie Detective Pikachu to the internet, a week before release.

On Tuesday, Reynolds tweeted a link from a mysterious account called ‘InspectrPikachu’, to both the official movie account and Warner Bros.

The account only had one tweet, and linked to a YouTube video that appeared to be an HD upload of the entire film, which is not due in cinemas until May 10th.

Take a watch:

How far did you get?

Yes, after about a minute, it cuts to 100 minutes of Pikachu dancing to 1980s-style synth pop. That is all it is, and it is amazing.

Let’s be honest, this is even better than we could have hoped. It is wonderful. It is hypnotic. It is beguiling. It even has a faux-VHS filter on it.

Warner Bros. marketing may have even shot themselves in the foot here. Is there any way the actual film can live up to an hour and a half of Pikachu dancing?

The long-awaited live action Pokemon film hits cinemas next week. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Pikachu, which only star Justice Smith can understand – everyone else can only hear the normal Pokemon sound of them just repeating their name over and over again.

Pikachu – who is now a supersmart detective for some reason – helps Smith’s character track down his missing private eye father.