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07th Jun 2024

Feathers McGraw set to return in new Wallace & Gromit film this year

Nina McLaughlin

“He’s back… with a vengeance.”

A new Wallace & Gromit film has been confirmed, and it’s set to be released before the end of the year.

The new film, titled Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl, is going to feature the return of one of the franchise’s most divisive characters – Feathers McGraw.

Although an official broadcast date has not been confirmed, Aardman has confirmed that the flick will be released this winter, and be available on both Netflix and BBC.

In a post to social media, the animators wrote: “He’s back… with a vengeance. ​

“Feathers McGraw returns in Wallace & Gromit: Vengeance Most Fowl, a brand new film premiering on @BBC in the UK and @netflix globally this winter.”

The new film will be the second major release for Aardman Animations, with the Chicken Run sequel, Dawn of the Nugget, having been released last December.

Since its founding in the early 1970s, the stop-motion studio has become world famous for its creations, and the 2024 Wallace & Gromit film will be Aardman’s 10th feature film.

Stop-motion animation involves animators take one frame of film, before fractionally altering the plasticine and taking another frame. The process is a long one, and it usually takes creators an entire day to make just one second of film.

Speaking about what makes stop-motion so special, Dawn of the Nugget director Sam Fell said: “Every other kind of animation is ultimately about copying reality.

“It’s either drawings of things in the real world, or ­replicas in pixels and code. But here, the things we make actually do come to life.

“Even after so many years, it still feels like a strange kind of black magic.”

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