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19th Dec 2023

Chicken Run viewers notice incredibly suspicious looking ‘chicken’

Nina McLaughlin

We weren’t ready for this.

If you were happily watching Netflix’s brand new sequel to Chicken Run this week and noticed a terrifying Easter Egg, we did too.

And if you didn’t notice a familiar character popping their head up in Chicken Run 2, then we apologise for bringing it to your attention.

While fans of the movie will no doubt be aware of another Aardman franchise – Wallace and Gromit – they’re sure to be familiar to one of the most evil characters ever invented – Feathers McGraw.

As it turns out, Feathers McGraw makes a brief cameo in the newest Chicken Run flick, with his black beady eyes bringing terror to new audiences.

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Chicken Run sequel viewers notice very suspicious looking ‘chicken’

Feathers McGraw, who is actually a penguin in disguise, was first introduced in the 1993 animated short The Wrong Trousers and has been the main antagonist for Wallace and Gromit ever since.

The silent but deadly criminal mastermind likes to fool people into thinking he is a chicken by sticking a read rubber glove on his head – the perfect disguise for a movie like Chicken Run 2.

In the final scene of the new Netflix film, Feathers appears in the background for just a few seconds – more than enough for people to notice.

A video circling on TikTok shows the scene and is titled “Watching Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget and noticing a suspicious-looking chicken.”

Someone replied with: “Feathers McGraw is always just around the corner.”

Another viewer took to social media to say: “CRIME WATCH UPDATE: the new Chicken Run movie has revealed that Feathers McGraw is still at large, 30 years later a bad penguin indeed.”

“Does this confirm that Wallace and Gromit, Shaun The Sheep and Chicken Run all exist in the same universe?” another asked.

We’re sure the crafty penguin will show up in future Aardman projects, but for now our nightmares are well and truly fuelled.