Fans demand new Amazing Spider-Man film starring Andrew Garfield 6 months ago

Fans demand new Amazing Spider-Man film starring Andrew Garfield

Give us more Spider-Man!

***Warning: This post contains spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Read on at your own risk***


Amid the general hysteria surrounding Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans want another instalment to The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, with star Andrew Garfield at the helm.

Now pegged as the "greatest MCU film of all time", the latest Spidey instalment has smashed both the box office and the walls of other cinematic universes. While the addition of Andrew Garfield, 38, and Tobey Maguire, 46, did not come as a surprise given the months of leaks, speculations, and theories, that didn't detract from their on-screen power.


All of the Spider-men, current hero Tom Holland included, have been praised for their performance but there was one stand appearance according to fans.

Garfield's performance has reminded fans of just how killer his stint as the web-headed hero was. Alicia Keys and Kendrick Lamar's 'It's On Again' from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack has become a top sound on TikTok and 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' has been trending since the film's release last week.


"RETWEET this if you want to see The Amazing Spider-Man 3 starring Andrew Garfield," tweeted one person, which received over 9k retweets. 

Another said: "I feel like shit I just want The Amazing Spider-Man 3."


The Amazing Spider-Man was applauded at the time but that's almost always the case. It's not until years later that we realise how good we had it - but there is still hope.

Echoing that sentiment, one fan wrote: "Feel like this week is the dawn of the Andrew Garfield Renaissance perhaps.

"Seen more people asking for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 than I ever have before. Maybe it's the new 'Release the Snyder Cut'?

"Either way I'm here for it. He was having a blast."


But let's be completely candid; while Garfield and Maguire were bound to make appearances, where's our boy Miles Morales at?

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