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04th Feb 2018

Bernard from Bernard’s Watch looks absolutely nothing like you remember nowadays

James Dawson

‘Unrecognisable’ gets thrown around a lot these day, but yeh, I’d say he’s that.

If you grew up in the 90s, then you’ll probably remember Bernard’s Watch. Not only was it a TV banging programme, it was also the source of millions of playground mediations on the spacetime continuum and what exactly you would do if you were given that power.

Blessed with the ability to rewind and stop time, frustratingly, Bernard himself, chose to use the watch to do boring, wholesome things like helping people cross the street, ensuring he was wasn’t late for school and amending arguments with his parents. Rather than the stuff most of us really wanted to do –  like take all the best PS2 games from ASDA and all the sweets and, actually, all the money from the tills too. But I guess it was a kids show, so morality and that.

Anyway, the character was played by David Peachey, who starred in 46 episodes  1997 until 2001. However, he quit show business soon after it finished.

He is now reportedly a doctor, after training to be a GP in Nottingham where the TV show was filmed. And looks a lot different from how you might remember.

Credit: Twitter

David previously told the Mirror: “I haven’t acted for at least 12-13 years, but I used to get recognised sometimes when I was younger which was a bit embarrassing.”

You can also follow him on social media, where he has a number of interesting opinions (mainly about his beloved Nottingham Forest).