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17th Jun 2018

Avengers: Infinity War has soared past Titanic at the box office

Sorry James Cameron

Oli Dugmore

Sorry James Cameron

Thanos has sunk the Titanic – and that’s the only time I will make comedic reference to a maritime disaster. Avengers: Infinity War has grossed $660,323,950 at the US box office, leaving Titanic in the ice cold sub-$660-million-waters.

After surpassing James Cameron’s epic, on $659,363,944, Infinity War now enjoys fourth spot in the domestic box office rankings, behind Black Panther on $699,512,354 million. The latest edition of the Avengers franchise is expected to beat its fellow Marvel film, though, and become the highest gross from the studio.

Past that are Avatar on $760,507,625 million and at number one is Star Wars: The Force Awakens, on $936,662,225 million.

That being said, James Cameron is still the box office king. It’s one thing to break records with the third instalment in a franchise and winder cinematic universe, it’s another to do it with one-off releases like Avatar and Titanic. Particularly after accounting for the worldwide box office charts.

Avatar looks insurmountable at $2.8 billion and it’s unlikely Avengers: Infinity War could reach Titanic in second place, on $2.2 billion. Infinity War is fourth worldwide at $2,006,323,950.

Avengers 4 stands a solid chance, released on May 3 2019, of catching Cameron’s behemoths, considering how Infinity War ended. We wait with bated breath, like Jack for a life boat.