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10th May 2018

Amazing news, as Rick & Morty has been renewed for a whopping 70 more episodes

Wil Jones

Reports of the show’s demise have been greatly exaggerated…

The ongoing saga of Rick and Morty season four has not been fun for fans. Somehow, the twisted take on Back To The Future has become arguably  most popular adult animated show since South Park. Which means there is even more pressure on Season Four.

We have had an April Fool’s episode and a music video in recent months, but Rick and Morty has never run on the most regular schedule. In March, co-creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland informed us that despite the show’s success, it hadn’t actually been renewed by Adult Swim. A later update from Harman suggested that good news was on the way, but it was still up in the air.

But finally, here is the news that you have been waiting for: Justin Roiland has confirmed that the show is coming back on Twitter. But not just that: 70 more episodes – yes seven-zero, you read that right – have been ordered. T put that in perspective, there have only been 31 episodes so far.

Roiland even made fun of the fans constantly hassling him for new episodes in the tweet.

More Rick and Morty coming. Looking forward to all the tweets asking where it is!

Dan Harmon also made the announcement on social media. Though his was, well, a little less conventional. He posted a video of himself in the shower, when out of blue Justin Roiland appears, and they have this bizarre conversation:

Justin Roiland, what are you doing here?

I’m always here, Dan. You know that.

Yeah, but you don’t normally stand all the way up.

But that’s because I’ve got to get going, Dan I can’t live in your shower anymore, like I always do.

Where are you going?

I’ve got to get back to work Dan, We both do. See you soon Dan, at the work place.

There’s no release date or anything yet, but at least we know it is on its way.