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06th Apr 2020

The truth about 5G technology with Joe Truthmore


Is 5G technology responsible for the outbreak of COVID-19?

We all have a friend who smokes too much weed and thinks that squirrels are actually robots designed purely to monitor what the general public is saying to each other, and who is to say whether that is in fact true.

Conspiracy theories are nothing new – many people still think the earth is flat or hollow, and a many still don’t believe that mankind actually ever went to the moon – but a new conspiracy theory has popped up regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

If you have a WhatsApp account or use social media in any whatsoever you will likely be aware of the theory that 5G technology is responsible for the situation we’re currently living through.

To break down the facts we enlisted the help of two of JOE’s greatest minds – Oli Dugmore and Joe Truthmore. Prepare to have your mind blown.