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20th Apr 2021

Prince Harry’s new job title means ‘penis’ in Japan

Danny Jones

Someone’s made a bit of royal cock-up in the titles department

Prince Harry has been steadily making moves away from the institution of the Royal Family for some time now and since he and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down as senior ‘active royals’, they have been directing their efforts towards worthwhile causes.

As well as setting up their own non-profit, Archewell; signing deals with Spotify, Netlfix and a speaking agency for everything from documentaries and lectures to a mental health-focused podcast series, Prince Harry also joined a US think tank. Safe to say, they’re determined to keep busy.

Prince Harry CHIMPO

Last month, the Duke of Sussex was also named, Chief Impact Officer of BetterUp Inc.: a mental health company started in 2013 that aims to deliver proactive coaching and spread mental health awareness throughout the professional world, specifically. However, it has been discovered that his title, quickly abbreviated to ‘CHIMPO’, just so happens to be slang for penis in Japanese.

As you might expect, the title has been cracking people up and, fair enough, it is pretty funny. As one commenter said, It doesn’t matter what age you are, the word ‘chimpo’ always raises a smile.People across social media are starting to pick up on it too and the replies are just as you’d expect:

We have a feeling this particular title might not last very long. As worthwhile as his new role may be, going around and being introduced as a penis probably detracts from your otherwise valuable work.

Nevertheless, corporate titles and business terminology often has the potential to make most people squirm, slightly – at least in this instance, it gives people a much-needed giggle.