The UK's Top 20 biscuits have been revealed... 7 years ago

The UK's Top 20 biscuits have been revealed...

Somebody put the kettle on.

As lovers of all things biscuit, we're always interested to hear the biscuit tastes of people to see how they compare with our own preferences.


According to the Metro, the people of the UK have spoken - well, 2,000 of them anyway - and the most popular biscuit is... drum roll, please... the plain old, chocolate digestive.

'Plain old' might be a little harsh because the chocolate digestive really does have everything you want in a biscuit: it's tasty, you can have it any time of the day and, crucially, it's solid enough that it won't crumble within seconds of being dunked in a cup of tea.

It fully deserves its place at the top of a list that is quite predictable really, fighting off competition from the Chocolate Hobnob for top spot, with the Custard Cream, the shortbread and the Jaffa Cake also meriting top-five places.


If you're anything like us, with all this talk of biscuits, you'll be off to put the kettle on.


UK's top 20 biscuits

1. Chocolate Digestive
2. Chocolate Hobnob
3. Custard Cream
4. Shortbread
5. Jaffa Cake
6. Chocolate Chip Cookie
7. Digestive
8. Ginger Nut
9. Chocolate Bourbon
10. Chocolate Fingers
11. Rich Tea
12. Oreos
13. Malted Milk
14. Dark Chocolate Digestives
15. Jammie Dodgers
16. Plain Hobnobs
17. Fox's Creams
18. White Chocolate Chip Cookie
19. Nice
20. Viennese Creams