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12th Aug 2016

Spotify is launching a brand new channel just for video game music

What a fantastic idea

Carl Anka

Quick, think of the Tetris theme song!

Great video game music sticks with you. The midi beeps, orchestral scores and thrashing pop music that soundtracked games’ biggest moments stick with people for life.

You can remember the Mass Effect 2 music hitting when Garrus arrives. Various FIFA and Tony Hawk soundtracks introduced millions of people to the world of pop punk and alternative music. Red Dead Redemption’s iconic crossing the border to Mexico segment is that much better thanks to ‘Far Away’.

Great video game music is great music. Which is why we were delighted to see Spotify have launched a new vertical dedicated to video game music.

Spotify Gaming

Spotify Gaming will collects both original soundtracks and official pop playlists that have been curated by Spotify staff and members of the community.

An added touch is how Spotify Gaming works to create “mood music” playlists to soundtrack your sessions? About to play NBA 2K16 online?   Plug in something like “Power Gaming” to get songs likes of Dr Dre, Desiigner, and Eminem.

Our personal favourite? The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtracks. FEVER FM for the modern disco, soul and R&B, then over to Flash FM for a bit of Hall & Oates. Bliss.

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