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13th Mar 2018

QUIZ: Identify all the hi-tech gadgets you’ve forgotten about

Can you tell your 3210s from your 3310s?

Wil Jones

Technology moves fast.

50 years ago, the idea of having all the knowledge in the world available at your fingertips was mind-blowing. 15 years ago, Snake on a Nokia was considered the height of mobile gaming. 10 years ago, we were all still using BBM.

There’s always something new that you’re coveting, which means today’s tech will quickly look old and hilariously dated. So many of those devices that you saved up for, or begged for at Christmas, are now gathering dust in the loft, barely worth even putting on eBay. Seriously, you probably can’t even give away that MP3 player that cost the same as a second-hand car. Give it a decade and hipsters will probably start using them though.

But well do you remember your old tech? Can you tell your 3210s from your 3310s? Your HD-DVDs from your VCDs? Can you name these 1990s and early 2000s gadgets? Give this quiz a spin and find out.