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18th Jul 2023

iPhone from 2007 sells for more than £145,000 at auction

Charlie Herbert

iPhone from 2007 sells for more than £145,000 at auction

It was considered the ‘Holy Grail’ for collectors

A first-edition iPhone from 2007 has sold at auction in the US for more than $190,000.

The unopened 4GB model sold for $190,372.80 (£145,416), nearly 400 times its original price of $599 (£457), after attracting 28 bids.

The auction was run by LCG Auctions, who had described the Apple device as “a popular high-end” and “red-hot collectable.”

The fact the device was a 4GB model and factory sealed meant it was “exceedingly rare,” and was considered the “Holy Grail” by iPhone collectors.

LCG Auctions added that it was “virtually flawless along the surface and edges” and that collectors would be “hard pressed to find a superior example.”

Steve Jobs launched the first-generation iPhone in 2007 (Getty)

Even taking into account its quality and rarity, the final price was much higher than expected, with the device predicted to fetch $50,000-$100,000 before the auction.

The 4GB model of the first-edition iPhone was released in 2007, but was discontinued after just two months due to poor sales, with consumer deciding to go for the 8GB model instead which was only $100 more.

This isn’t the first time an old iPhone has sold for big bucks at auction.

Earlier this year, a first-generation device which was still in its box was sold at auction for $63,000, more than 100 times its original price.

So, on the off-chance you do have an unopened early generation iPhone in a draw somewhere, you could be sitting on a gold mine.

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