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04th Nov 2020

The producers of The Last Dance are making a Stone Cold Steve Austin documentary

Wil Jones


ESPN’s The Last Dance was arguably the biggest documentary of 2020. Airing on Netflix in the UK, the ten-part series chronicled the career of Michael Jordan, the greatest NBA player of all time. Even non-Basket fans were hooked by the series.

So how do you follow that up? What subject could possibly compare to one of the most iconic athletes of all time?

How about Stone Cold Steve Austin?

Former WWE announcer Lillian Garcia was recently interviewed on The Chris Van Vliet Show, where she revealed that she is to be part of a new documentary from the producers of The Last Dance on the wrestling legend.

“WWE contacted me and they said the producers from The Last Dance are going to reach out to you,” Garcia told Chris Van Vleit. “They want you in their documentary. It’s crazy because when I got the message I was literally just watching The Last Dance documentary.”

“I said, ‘Jake I’m literally watching your documentary right now, this is amazing.’ I come to find out that they want to do a documentary for Stone Cold Steve Austin and it’s coming out next year.”

We don’t have any more info on it apart from that. It could be an official WWE production to appear on the WWE Network, or it may appear elsewhere.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – real name Steven Williams – made his wrestling debut in 1989. But it wasn’t until he signed for WWE (then WWF) in 1995 that his career really took off.

It was there that he would develop the Stone Cold character, that of a rulebreaking Texas redneck, and his tussles with his real-life boss Vince McMahon captured the imagination of fans across the world.

Austin retired in 2003, due to neck injuries, but has continued to make appearances in WWE, and has become a successful TV and podcast host.