Ric Flair denies giving woman oral sex on train after picture goes viral 8 months ago

Ric Flair denies giving woman oral sex on train after picture goes viral

'The Nature Boy doesn't ride trains!"

WWE legend Ric Flair has denied viral claims that he gave a woman oral sex on a train. Who had this on their 2021 bingo card?


Flair commented on the allegations that emerged after a photo started doing the rounds on social media, which some claimed showed the ex-wrestler performing a sex act.

The rumours led to the Nature Boy himself trending on Twitter, with many believing that the long, white-haired man in the picture is Flair.

But the 72-year-old has rubbished the allegations because..... he doesn't travel by train.


In a tweet, Flair shared a cartoon of him riding a train, with the caption: "This Picture Is As Real As That Other One Floating Around. The Nature Boy Doesn’t Ride Trains! WOOOOO WOOOOO!"



Flair's denial of his involvement of the pic has racked up over 24,000 likes at the time of writing and the comments are pretty wild, as you'd expect.

One user joked: "Woooo! So true...you peasants thought the nature boy was on the amtrak?????"

Another added: "I love that the part you object to is being accused of riding a train."

A third said: "The nature boy of old is truly back at the age of 72. Not gonna lie I love it! Ric Flair is the GOAT!"

Just another day in the Twittersphere...

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