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05th May 2015

Video: Austrian mascot might have had one too many pints at game…

Never, ever drink and mascot...


In hindsight, they probably should have given him a day off for his birthday…

Austria Vienna mascot ‘Super Leo’ turned 42 on Saturday, but wanted to soldier on with his matchday duties regardless.

He appeared to have marked the celebrations with a few jars (perhaps more than a few) prior to the game and was perhaps still feeling the effects come kick-off.

Donning a full lion costume, Leo sauntered onto the pitch during his side’s 2-1 Austrian Bundesliga victory over Wiener Neustadt with disastrous results.

Having the foresight to remove the sweaty lion head, he charging out from the touchlines, showing all the grace of a new-born calf, before eventually collapsing in a heap in the middle of the pitch.

Hat-tip to Who Ate All the Pies