VAR changes for next season have been revealed 1 year ago

VAR changes for next season have been revealed

Assistant referees have been told to keep their flags down for offside calls

Changes have been made to the way VAR works ahead of the 2020/21 season.


Earlier this year, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) made FIFA responsible for all VAR issues, after raising concerns over the way it had been implemented in the Premier League.

But now, VAR changes are on the horizon which will bring the Premier League in line with FIFA's protocol.

At a meeting of Premier League shareholders, where clubs also voted against continuing the five subs rule, the following changes were also decided upon:

New VAR changes

On-Field Monitors

One of the main areas of criticism surrounding the Premier League's implementation of VAR related to on-field monitors.


In other leagues across Europe, referees would consult on-field monitors around incidents such as goals, offsides and red cards.

But in the Premier League, referees would go on the advice of match officials based at Stockley Park, who had access to video replays.

Now, all Premier League referees will have access to pitch-side monitors.

Referee Bjorn Kuipers checks VAR during a Champions League match between Spurs and Manchester City. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images)

Goalkeeper Encroachment

Keepers have a tendency to come off their line when facing a penalty, but this is going to be stamped out under new VAR changes.

From next season onwards, VAR will be on the lookout for encroachment from goalkeepers. A retake will be ordered if a goalkeeper has stepped off their line before saving a penalty.

A retake will not be ordered if a penalty is missed without the goalkeeper's involvement. In other words, if the taker has ballooned it over the bar, or dragged it wide.


Player Encroachment

On a similar note, players encroaching in the area when a penalty is being taken will be picked up by VAR.

If defenders are in the box when a penalty is missed, a retake will be issued by VAR on one condition. They were active in clearing the ball away afterwards.

VAR penalty VAR is going to be on the lookout for goalkeeping encroachment. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)

The Offside Rule

There will be no new changes to the offside law as such, but there will be in the way officials call it.

Assistant referees have been told to keep their flags down on marginal offside calls that lead to a goalscoring opportunity. This is aimed to stamp out any incorrect calls being made, which it is hoped VAR will pick up on.

Easier said than done, really though isn't it?