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30th May 2018

UFC Liverpool fighters clash at hotel after main card submission

There was almost a rematch at the fighter hotel

Darragh Murphy

It almost all kicked off at the fighter hotel at UFC Liverpool.

The bad blood was still bubbling after Claudio Silva claimed a submission victory over Nordine Taleb on the main card of the UFC’s first trip to Merseyside.

Silva’s first bout in almost four years saw the Brazilian cinch up a first-round rear naked choke and extend his win streak to 12 fights.

Taleb was clearly not happy about being finished by ‘Hannibal’, however, and the French Canadian welterweight let the hostility carry over into the post-fight exchanges.

Silva has revealed that Taleb tried to get a rematch going when the pair clashed at the official fighter hotel.

“Nordine Taleb is a very disrespectful individual,” Silva told Bloody Elbow. “He’s really arrogant. After the fight, I tried talking to him and he told me not to talk to him. Afterwards, I was sitting at the hotel and he walked by me and I greeted him. He turned around and said ‘Fuck you, you son of a bitch. You’re a piece of shit. I’ll beat you 10 times out of 10. Let’s go right now’. I was like ‘What’s your problem? Are you crazy?’ and he replied by saying ‘If anybody talks to me like that, I’ll kill them. You’re nobody, you’re shit.’

“I think the UFC should do something about it. Can you imagine if my mom or my son were there to hear those things? That guy is the scum of the sport. That’s what I think. He had 15 minutes to beat me and couldn’t do it. Now he wants to fight on the streets? He has to be banned from the sport.”