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25th Nov 2022

Tyson Fury rushes to hospital ahead of Derek Chisora fight

Steve Hopkins

Fury is set to face Chisora on 3 December

Tyson Fury has had to skip training ahead of his bout with Derek Chisora next month.

The Gypsy King had to rush to his sick mother’s hospital bedside after she became unwell.

Fury, 34, is busy preparing for his trilogy fight against 38-year-old Chisora on December 3, but reportedly left his gym in Lancaster to be by his mother’s side in Manchester.

A source told The Sun: “Tyson was really worried when he heard his mum wasn’t well. They’re really close and he just wanted to be with her.

“It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind but he’s determined he’ll be able to fight next week. After making sure she’s OK, he will return to training as soon as possible.

“His fans mean everything to him and he doesn’t want to let them down.”

Fury has not commented on his mother’s health or missing training, but in his autobiography he revealed how his mum, Amber, doesn’t watch his fights and was unaware of his fame.

He wrote: “To be honest, my mum doesn’t fully understand what I have achieved as a boxer,” he wrote.

“I took her out shopping one time after the Wilder fight and I was being stopped for photographs and autographs everywhere I went in Manchester and she couldn’t understand it.

“She actually said, ‘Hey, son, how do you know so many people?’ I had to explain to her that I was the heavyweight champion of the world and a lot of people had watched me and supported me. That was actually very special.”

Fury wrote that Amber had never attended one of his fights, amateur or professional and had never been “in the public eye”.

“She’s a private person. I don’t think it means anything to my mum. She doesn’t care if I’m world champion or not, as long as I’m healthy and happy. That is the only thing that means anything to her.

“She doesn’t want to be anything that she isn’t already and that is what she has been all her life and brought up to be.”

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