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11th Jul 2018

The worst Harry Kane lookalike in the world was on TV today

Wayne Farry

We all love lookalikes, don’t we?

In these dark times, what is genuinely better than a person who – wait for it – looks like another person?

I mean, what are the chances, that – on this globe of more than 7 and a half billion people – one person will look so much like another person that some people will occasionally say ‘wow, they look a bit like another person, don’t they? I mean, not too much, but a bit’.

Lookalikes are kings and queens among us and should be revered as such. We look up to them with perplexed and recognising faces and say ‘YES’, and it is for this reason that the appearance of a Harry Kane lookalike on television today made us as dejected as it did.

For you see, dear reader and fellow lookalike fan, this Harry Kane lookalike did not look like Harry Kane at all.

The man in question, named Danny McLaughlin was on ITVs Lorraine this morning discussing, astonishingly, what it is like to live your life as someone who looks like another person.

The person he claimed to be living his life looking like is England captain Harry Kane, who looks like this.

Now, there’s nothing necessarily wrong with how this man looks, but he really doesn’t look like this.

Yes, that’s Harry Kane, a man who actually does look like Harry Kane, unlike the Harry Kane lookalike on the television.

Unsurprisingly in this world of people who adore lookalikes more than their own Gods, this affront to those very same Gods did not go unnoticed.

Now, despite the fact that Danny doesn’t look anything like Kane isn’t the biggest thing in the world and, to be fair, he was doing it all for a good cause.

He was on the show raising money for Prostate Cancer UK, having lost both his father and grandfather to the disease.