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25th Mar 2015

The making of the man: Football stars posing with their younger selves

Time can do good and bad things to a man...


No one, no matter how brilliant or successful, can escape the ravages of time.

Even the most athletically gifted among us cannot break free from old Father Time’s cold grasp.

It obviously takes a while for someone to notice the effects of ageing, but what if we could skip back a few years to see just how mercilessly cruel the clock has been?

Well now we can, through the power of Photoshop.

So without further ado, here’s a selection of English football heroes past and present, posing with younger versions of themselves. You’ll notice that the years have been kinder to some more than others…

David Beckham: 1992 and now

Like a fine wine…

Michael Drennan 20/3/2015

Michael Owen: 1996 and now

Still killing ‘normcore’ two decades on…

Michael Owen younger self

Steven Gerrard: 2000 and now

A few more lines in his forehead after the last 12 months…

Liverpool FC v FC Basel 1893 - UEFA Champions League

Jimmy Bullard: 2005 and now

This was never going to end well…

Sophie Spence 18/3/2015

Robbie Savage: 2001 and now

If only the banter could have been chopped with the hair…

Birmingham City v Chelsea

Gerry Francis: 1976 and now

Credit the man for keeping that haircut all this time…

Brentford v Crystal Palace - Pre Season Friendly