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Euro 2020

17th Jun 2021

Russian manager goes against Ronaldo and drinks bottle of Coke at press conference

Kieran Galpin

Cherchesov is having none of it

Ronaldo made headlines this week when he removed bottles of Coca-Cola in a pre-match press conference. Manuel Locatelli also followed suit by removing Coca-Cola in a post-match conference. But not everyone is so disgusted by the presence of soft drinks on the table.

Ronaldo was insistent on drinking water instead, which resulted in an enormous drop in the soft drink companies stock value.

Pogba also removed a bottle of Heineken from the table, though this is related to his commitment to his religion and not a general dislike for quality larger.

The third player to remove drinks from the panel table was Manuel Locatelli, who, like Ronaldo, removed two bottles of coke from the table. The Italian star did, however, conveniently forget the Heineken.

Russian manager Stanislav Cherchesov did not follow Ronaldo’s gesture. He instead chose to drink from the bottle, and when questioned on it, continued to drink still.

While many would have been puzzled due to a lack of bottle openers being present, Cherchesov, without pausing, used one bottle to open the other. Coaching Russia must be thirsty work, as he downed half the bottle without coming up for air. Stanislav Cherchesov must be good fun on a night out!

Ronaldo certainly won’t be appearing on any Coke adverts in the future, but it looks like Cherchesov could get himself a comfortable side gig.