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07th Oct 2018

Stuart Olding shown straight red card after honest tackle attempt goes horribly wrong

Patrick McCarry

Yep, no complaints here

Stuart Olding was off to a flyer in France’s PRO D2 but he was shown a red card today after a quite reckless tackle. There was an honest effort to stop his man fairly but events literally spiralled out of control.

The versatile back was given his marching orders just after 12 minutes when he dangerously flipped his opposite number in the tackle.

It was an odd-looking collision, as the Ireland international ducked down and then seemed to vault the Charente outhalf vertically. The landing was bad and Olding’s fate was sealed.

He was immediately apologetic and did not contest the referee’s decision. Brive went on to win 31-18 and they were inspired by Demba Bemba along the way.

The red card incident may yet lead to a further ban but one suspects officials will leave it at the on-field sanction.

Late last season, the IRFU and Ulster Rugby revoked the contracts of Olding and Paddy Jackson after the conclusion of their internal review.

In late March, the pair were found not guilty of rape and sexual assault of a young woman after a lengthy trial in Belfast.