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08th Nov 2018

All Blacks test out their football skills with a little help from the F2 Freestylers

Wayne Farry

All Blacks

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It’s fun to watch two worlds collide

As the fairly simple organisms that we humans are, we enjoy watching two things that are usually kept separate come together in a peculiar and rarely seen medley of fun.

It happens when two television shows crossover for some reason, and it also happens on the rare occasions when two sports – or two sets of different sportspeople – take to the field together.

This is what happened recently when three of the All Blacks squad – currently visiting the UK as part of their Autumn Internationals – took part in a cross-sport competition with none other than the F2 Freestylers.

All Blacks

Presented with both footballs and rugby balls, the F2 take on All Blacks Aaron Smith, Damian McKenzie and Anton Lienert-Brown as they take part in a number of challenges in both sports.

The first part of the challenge sees the F2 Freestylers tasked with trying to control a rugby ball, an object better caught than deftly trapped on the instep.

They do so admirably, with some seriously nice touches involved, before the tables are turned and the three All Blacks attempt a control challenge with the football, a spherical object designed to be able to control with your foot, head, chest or leg.

Here, the All Blacks show that they are indeed elite level athletes, with some pieces of control that actual footballers would be proud of.

Next, F2 are given a crash course on how to do a drop kick and actually get it over the bar, before the two teams end the day with a challenge to kick a ball into a bin.

Who won? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

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