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02nd May 2017

Roy Keane has an extremely dismal assessment of Liverpool and Manchester United’s seasons

Strong words from a scary man

Ben Kiely

How the mighty have fallen.

Once the traditional top four in England were bitterly disappointed when they finally bowed out of the title race, but in the modern game, it seems that securing the lucrative Champions League spot is the new goal.

Be under no illusion, the ‘race for fourth’ is a new expression. Back in the good old days when boots were black and jerseys were baggy, there was only one race – the one for the trophy.

As we all know, Roy Keane has been there, done that. When he was bossing the midfield in the English top flight, he aimed for that top spot at the end of the season. So what he’s seeing from the Premier League’s big guns this season, is really making him cringe, as he explained at a Show Racism the Red Card event (quotes via

“When I see clubs like Liverpool and Man United celebrating getting into the top four, I cringe at it, I really do.”

“Any of these big clubs – do you think that Real Madrid and Barcelona would be celebrating getting fourth? Come on, get a grip. It is about getting your hands on a trophy.”

“People talk about getting into the top four because of the financial rewards and it was great for teams like Leicester to qualify but for the big teams, Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal, celebrating fourth? I say shame on you.”

If Arsenal manage to magic up fourth place following their horrendous run, you could hardly blame them for celebrating a little. There’s guaranteed to be a few ‘Wenger Out’ signs at the celebrations anyway.