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06th Jan 2017

Restaurant might need a science lesson after strange NFL-based menu change

Hold on a minute...

Tom Victor

The Pittsburgh Steelers are chasing their first Super Bowl in almost a decade, and one local restaurant has gone to some strange lengths to cheer them on.

Primanti Bros, a Pennsylvania institution famous for its sandwiches, wants the Steelers to keep their playoff dream alive against the Miami Dolphins.

They’re so supportive of their neighbours that, in a show of solidarity, they have decided to remove all fish sandwiches from the menu until after the game.

That means no fish and cheese, no sardine and cheese, no tuna fish and cheese, and no colossal fish and cheese. Yes, these are all genuine menu items at the restaurant.

Now, you might have noticed something. We know we have.

That’s right, while dolphins might be marine animals, they are absolutely not fish.

Could Primanti Bros have removed all mammal sandwiches? Perhaps, but ‘we’re not serving beef because it’s a mammal, like a dolphin’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

And, of course, quite a few others noticed this discrepancy too.

If the Steelers win their wildcard game against the Fish Dolphins then they will take on the Kansas City Chiefs. We can’t help but wonder what they would take off the menu ahead of that match-up.