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07th Sep 2018

QUIZ: Name every WWF champion from the Attitude Era

We want 12 names

Darragh Murphy

This is one for fans of the Attitude Era.

When professional wrestling was at its best, it was a tour de force of racy storylines, hardcore matches and uncensored material.

It was a simpler time and one that is looked back upon fondly by WWE fans.

Between November 9, 1997 and May 6, 2002, the organisation (called WWF at the time) treated fans to the Attitude Era.

It began with the Montreal Screwjob and ended when the company changed its initials to WWE after a legal battle with the World Wildlife Fund.

What we want from you is the name of every single world champion (WWF World Heavyweight Championship, WWF Championship and Undisputed WWF Championship) in that period of time.

Good luck and let us know how you do.

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