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04th Jul 2016

Noel Gallagher’s response is pure gold when Pep Guardiola tells him he likes James Blunt

Pep talks

Simon Lloyd

The Pep Guardiola era at Manchester City is officially underway and naturally, the conversation has turned to James Blunt.

After the announcement that the former Barcelona boss would be taking charge at the Etihad was made back in February, City supporters got their first glimpse of him at the Cityzens Weekend event on Sunday.

As well as being introduced to supporters, Pep also made time to sit down for an interview with Noel Gallagher – one of the club’s more notable fans.

As well as touching on how he will adapt to Manchester’s weather and the Premier League, Pep also shows that he’s also got a decent sense of humour when the former Oasis man quizzes him on his tastes of music.

“Can we talk about music?” Asks Noel. “I believe that you’re a Coldplay fan. Is that right?”

“And James Blunt,” adds Pep.

In the past, Noel has made no secret of the fact that he’s not the biggest fan of Blunt, and Pep’s answer prompted an amusing response.

Fortunately, it seems Pep was merely having a joke with Noel, explaining that he’d read an interview with him in which he made known his feelings about Blunt.

“It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s that I hate him,” Noel explains.

If you’ve time to watch the full interview, here it is.

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