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24th Sep 2017

One of the worst groin kicks in UFC history sparks obvious joke

They had to deduct a point

Ben Kiely

How on Earth was Teruto Ishihara able to keep fighting after eating this horrible kick to the groin?

Teruto Ishihara had a very painful return to Japan against Rolando Dy at the weekend. He scored a unanimous decision victory over his opponent, but the judges’ scorecards of 28-27, 28-27 and 29-27 will give you a clue about the adversity he had to overcome.

Dy landed three strikes to the groin of the hometown hero and he pleaded innocence every time the referee called proceedings to a halt. All three landed found their mark on the cup and caused Ishihara to fall to the mat in agony, but the third was perhaps of the worst of the bunch.

It was so loud that commentator Dan Hardy told viewers to listen to the sheer noise of it during the replay.

Teruto Ishihara

There was a lot of sympathy for Ishihara after the nasty succession of fouls, but there were also jokes aplenty.

You may remember his Octagon interview at UFC 196 as the second best of the night just trailing Nate Diaz’s iconic, ‘I’m not surprised, motherfuckers.’ After knocking out Julian Erosa in the second round, he yelled, ‘I love you my biches,’ which was a reference to the fact that he only got into the sport to use it as a ‘stage to attract women all over the world.’

Ishihara is a self-confessed ladies man who has been known to flirt with the Octagon girls at the weigh-ins and mention ladies – or ‘bitches’ as he calls them – in all of his victory speeches, although his mind wasn’t on any potential hook-ups after having his privates abused for fifteen minutes on Friday night.