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01st Feb 2021

Neymar hits back at Borussia Dortmund for taunting PSG after defeat

Simon Lloyd

Here we go again

Never mind another largely underwhelming transfer deadline day. Let’s focus on the stuff that *really* matters, shall we? Like this: Neymar and Borussia Dortmund continuing the ridiculously petty fallout from that Champions League encounter, nearly one whole year ago.

For those of you who don’t remember it – and let’s face it, quite a lot has happened in the world in the time since – Paris Saint-Germain marked their last-16 stage triumph over the German club by mocking Erling Braut Haaland’s trademark meditation celebration. Neymar had also used the celebration as he scored one of PSG’s goals that night, rubbing more salt into Dortmund wounds by putting an image showing him in a meditation pose on his Instagram a few hours after the game.

Why? Well, PSG’s players were believed to have been angered by an image of Haaland, posted to his Snapchat after the first leg. In it, he can be seen declaring that Paris was ‘My city, not yours’. Understandable, you might think. PSG players have every right to be upset by such an open show of disrespect… Hilariously though, the post turned out to be completely fake and nothing to do with Haaland whatsoever.

But just when we thought this had all simmered down and largely forgotten about, Dortmund kicked things off once again after PSG suffered a shock defeat to Lorient on Sunday.

Lorient’s players also performed the meditation celebration after the game, prompting a tweet from the Bundesliga side. ‘What goes around,’ it read.

On Monday, however, Neymar replied to Dortmund’s tweet with an image of his own meditation celebration against Dortmund and the words ‘U remember’.

Honestly, just grow up. All of you. (Don’t. We really enjoy nonsense like this).