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21st Jul 2017

New Fifa 18 feature is a potential game changer

This could come in very handy


This could come in very handy.

Football is back next month, and that means it’s not long before the new edition of Fifa is released. EA Sports will launch Fifa 18 on September 29, and on Friday they announced a new feature in the game.

The crossing system appears to have been overhauled, giving players a range of options for different deliveries.

Gamers can play lofted crosses to the back post. Manchester United fans will enjoy this clip of Romelu Lukaku scoring a powerful volley from such a cross against Chelsea on the upcoming game.

Crosses can also be whipped, curved deeper to the back post, as well as lobbed for a player arriving into late into the box.

The game has come a long way since the series began back in 1994.

You can take a look at the new crossing control for Fifa 18 here: