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09th Jul 2016

MMA fighter pleads for his mum to shut up whilst getting punched in the face


Nooruddean Choudry

Mothers, eh?

We love them to bits, but they can’t half be annoying in public. It was ever thus – who can forget desperately wishing your ma would drive off after dropping you off at school, instead of waving frantically and blowing you kisses.

It doesn’t change with age either. No matter how big or strong you get, your mum will always be there to dish out advice, argue on your behalf, and tell you exactly where you’re going wrong – in front of everyone too.

UFC light heavyweight Khalil Rountree certainly knows that feeling all too well. He was fighting (or rather getting beaten by) Andrew Sanchez on Friday night during the Ultimate Fighter 23 finale.

But whilst trapped on the canvas, face up against the cage perimeter, Rountree had concerns other than the intermittent blows to his head – specifically getting his octagon-side mum to quit moaning at him.

This hilarious footage shows Khalil ‘The War Horse’ Rountree pleading with his mum to “Shut up!” mid-fight. Turns out a bruised ego hurts far more than a black eye or two…