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21st Dec 2020

A documentary about Marcus Rashford is on TV tonight

A documentary about Manchester United star Marcus Rashford's fight to end child food poverty in the UK will air on BBC1 tonight

Reuben Pinder

7pm, BBC One

A documentary about Marcus Rashford’s campaign to end child food poverty in the United Kingdom will air tonight on BBC One.

The Manchester United star has been using his position of influence for good, calling on the government so support families in need throughout the pandemic, forcing several u-turns with regards to supplying them with food vouchers during school holidays.

Rashford’s campaigning has been so effective because he knows what it’s like to be hungry. His mother would work multiple jobs to keep food on the table for him and his siblings before sending her boy to live in digs at the age of 11 for a better chance of making it as a footballer.

“It should never be normal for somebody to feel how I felt,” Rashford says in the trailer for the documentary.

“If they’re in need, they don’t have anyone fighting for them, I should be the one that does it.”

“Sometimes we didn’t even have a loaf of bread in the house,” his mother says.

“It’s embarrassing to say but we didn’t.”

Watch the trailer for the documentary, in which a teacher hails Rashford’s work as a “lifeline for so many parents ,” below.

Rashford won the Expert Panel Special Award at Sports Personality of the Year last night in recognition of his philanthropic efforts throughout 2020, with Lewis Hamilton beating Tyson Fury and Stuart Broad to the coveted SPOTY prize.

Former United teammate Romelu Lukaku and current England teammate Raheem Sterling both congratulated Rashford on the award, praising him for his achievements.

Lukaku wrote: “One of the real ones out here! Class on and off the pitch.”

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