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08th Dec 2020

Logan Paul says he will beat Floyd Mayweather in ‘the greatest upset in the history of sports’

YouTube star Logan Paul has said he will get the better of Floyd Mayweather when the two meet in the boxing ring in February 2021

Alex Roberts

Mayweather has been warned the fight could damage his reputation

YouTube star Logan Paul has said he will topple Floyd Mayweather when the two meet in the boxing ring in February 2021. Paul said it could be ‘the greatest upset in the history of sports’.

Mayweather is one of the greatest pound-for-pound boxers of the last 20 years, but since retiring he has turned his attention towards exhibition fights.

He defeated Conor McGregor in the Irishman’s first boxing bout, and now looks set to go up against YouTube star Logan Paul in February 2021.

Mayweather said: “This is going to be a great night for fans worldwide as we are bringing something special to them. I have never shied away from doing things differently and fighting Logan Paul in this special exhibition is another opportunity for me to do it again.”

Logan Paul said he too was excited for the challenge – and actually went as far as to predict a win over the 43-year-old.

Paul, 25, said: “I am always searching for the ultimate challenge and it is a dream to go toe-to-toe with the greatest boxer alive. I am all in, and on February 20th, the world could witness the greatest upset in the history of sports.”

According to combat sports journalist Gareth Davies, Mayweather is in danger of harming his reputation by taking on the Logan Paul fight.

Speaking to TalkSport, Davies said: “It’s very odd to have the greatest defensive boxer of the era that I’ve covered boxing – the last two or three decades – against a guy that did college wrestling, a strong individual.

“It’s clearly just a money-making exercise for Floyd Mayweather.

“And I think this may be the one event, if it goes ahead, that really does backfire on Floyd Mayweather.

“I think it really might cause his legacy to be deeply and badly affected – that’s my view on it right now.”

Logan Paul’s brother – fellow YouTube star Jake Paul – has also got his sights set on stepping back into the ring. He recently defeated former basketball player Nate Robinson, and then called out McGregor to a potential match-up.

McGregor has hinted at a return in 2021, but there’s a chance he won’t be Paul’s next opponent.

Former UFC star Yoel Romero has been lined up as Jake Paul’s next opponent by current UFC welterweight Jorge Masvidal.

After Romero replied to ESPN’s Jake Paul interview with a boxing GIF, Masvidal took it upon himself to act as matchmaker.

Both Romero and Paul weigh in around 185-190 pounds, although Paul has around a three inch height advantage over the Cuban.