Tipsy John Stones and Kyle Walker share tender heart to heart on Man City parade 2 months ago

Tipsy John Stones and Kyle Walker share tender heart to heart on Man City parade

Wholesome content

Getting drunk can go one of two ways. Sometimes you wake up with the beer fear of worrying about what you did the night before, other times it can be rather wholesome as you let your true feelings known to someone.


Having a heart to heart in the beer garden during the late hours of the day, telling your mates how much you love them and that you wouldn't be where you are now without them. That sums up Kyle Walker and John Stones' emotional (drunken) exchange.

The Yorkshire duo were celebrating yet another Premier League title with Manchester City as they came from behind to beat Aston Villa in a thrilling final day victory.

Kyle Walker John Stones


A bromance like no other

Walker and Stones are close mates and have achieved many highs together while playing at the Etihad, and wanted to reminisce with a wholesome bromance love affair.

The City right back started the proceedings by saying: "What a great time it is to be out here. Sharing it with this man, four times in a row. Well, not four times in a row, because we missed one year.

"What a good time it is, with this guy. He's a diamond."


Stones seemed taken aback by the lovely words and in a slurred, but beautiful response, reciprocated the feelings expressed by Walker.

"Legend. One word: legend. What a legend," he said.

"Six years I've been here. Five years with Walks. Absolute pleasure, absolute legend. Pleasure to play with... on and off the pitch.

"To win it with you, honestly...Absolutely incredible.


"We've had some great times on and off the pitch, me and Walks. On a personal relationship...speaks volumes."

Walker was then given the opportunity to continue the heart to heart, to which he duly obliged. He added: "No, I'd like to say...Listen, John obviously... What a player.

"Personally... what a man. He's a good man, he's a good dad and he's a good human being.


"And that's the most you wanna hear from anyone. He's my friend. I don't class him as a football friend, I class him as a friend, because we've been through so many ups and downs.

"Me and him, we'll get through everything."

A friendship like no other.

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