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24th May 2022

Jack Grealish’s best moments during Man City’s title parade

Callum Boyle

Jack Grealish Man City

Grealish was on top form during the title parade

Jack Grealish has provided us with many comical moments throughout the years, but his performance at Manchester City’s recent title parade tops the lot.

After securing the first Premier League title of his career, the 25-year-old was in buoyant spirits and had been keen to celebrate the achievement. As you would expect.

He was in full party mode as City paraded around Manchester to show off their latest prize and it seemed that some had taken the word party more seriously than others.

Grealish was just one of those and of course, that led to some very funny moments.

Grealish compared Riyad Mahrez to a Newcastle United player

The first of those was a video posted by Bernardo Silva to his Instagram page in which Grealish compared his teammate Riyad Mahrez’s performance to that of Newcastle United player Miguel Almiron. I’m sure he was thrilled with that one.

Mahrez was replaced after 56 minutes by Raheem Sterling and a hoarse-voiced Grealish explained why the tactical masterclass was key to success.

“There were two secrets… number one, Riyad, take him off the pitch, as soon as possible. He played like Almiron yesterday,” he said.

“Number two, [pointing at Silva] he’s been so good this season, get him off the pitch.”

Silva then fired back with his own cheeky dig at Grealish, saying: “Number three… keep Jack Grealish on the f****** bench,” in reference to the 25-year-old remaining an unused substitute. Both saw the funny side to that thankfully.

Grealish paid his own tribute to Silva later on in the evening

Later on Grealish decided to pay tribute to Silva in his own fashion, leaving Kyle Walker and John Stones in hysterics as he thanked for the Portugal international for coming off the pitch and being replaced by Ilkay Gundogan, who scored two of City’s three goals in their amazing comeback against Aston Villa.

He said: “It’s been brilliant to win my first title, I want to thank everyone.

“But the main person I want to thank is Bernardo Silva for coming off in the 70th minute, because he was miles off it yesterday.”

Grealish wasn’t finished there though as he found his third target… Kyle Walker.

Walker was also the subject of Grealish’s praise

As City winger Mahrez asked Walker if anyone had ever beaten him in a one vs one situation during his career, Grealish was quick to chirp in once again, claiming that he had and that was the reason Pep Guardiola had signed him last summer.

“Who did actually beat you in one vs one?” Mahrez asked.

Walker then said “I don’t know,” but couldn’t finish his sentence as Grealish then exclaimed: “Me when I was at Aston Villa. That’s why Pep Guardiola signed me,” leaving Guardiola himself in fits of laughter.

Please protect Jack Grealish at all costs.

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