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12th Mar 2024

Ian Wright praised for addressing Man City’s ‘elephant in the room’

Callum Boyle

Ian Wright Man City

‘The one thing I would like more than anything else is for that to be gone from City’

Sky Sports viewers have praised Ian Wright for addressing the “elephant in the room” surrounding Manchester City’s achievements under Pep Guardiola.

City are currently under investigation after being accused of breaching 115 charges relating to financial information regarding revenue, details of manager and player remuneration, UEFA regulations, profitability and sustainability rules.

They will be taken to court however no specific date has been revealed.

‘When you speak about them, there’s an elephant in the room’

Wright was guest on Monday Night Football with Jamie Carragher and the pair reviewed Sunday’s thrilling 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Man City.

This then led onto the topic of the title race and the legacy of the three managers involved in the battle to win the league and Wright highlighted the dark cloud that looms over Guardiola’s reign.

“We can’t speak about City without speaking about the fact that there’s 115 charges around them,” he said.

“The one thing I would like more than anything else is for that to be gone from City so that you can give the team and the manager the love that they deserve. 

“Because when you speak about them, there’s an elephant in the room. With this rivalry, you want to speak about them without saying ‘yeah. but’.

“It’s not fair on the players or the club so the sooner that’s gone the better.”

Wright praised for calling out City’s alleged charges

The Arsenal legend was widely praised for calling out the topic by many of those watching on.

“Like how Wrighty addressed it and mentioned that it would be great for the players to get their flowers, but sadly this won’t be the case, even if the charges aren’t proved in court there will be people still claiming it’s a conspiracy and that the court was paid or something,” said one person.

A second commented: “Wrighty showing Sky Sports and all other pundits the importance of calling this out.

“Nice to see someone having the balls to say it how it is. Well in Wrighty! Man City, as incredible as they are, will never be taken seriously or applauded by anyone outside their fanbase, until they’ve been ‘cleared’ of the ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN CHARGES!!!” added a third.

Another said: “As we’re all praising Ian Wright for saying the obvious thing, we have to also ask why English pundits in the mainstream media are so afraid to talk about it? Would they act the same way if it was another club like say LFC, Chelsea or Arsenal? Why does it seem like a taboo?”

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