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27th Apr 2019

Yellow Arsenal Adidas “Anfield ’89” retro kit leaks

Wil Jones

Who doesn’t love a good retro kit?

Long before Arsene Wenger, Dennis Bergkamp and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were Arsenal heroes, Michael Thomas was an icon for Gunners fans.

In one of the most dramatic finishes to a top-flight English season ever – or at least, until Sergio Aguero made his mark –  Arsenal beat Liverpool 2-0 at Anfield in the last game of the 1988/89 campaign to secure the First Division title, with Thomas scoring the second goal in the final seconds of the game.

It is a match touted by some to have heralded the rebirth of English football: the ban on English clubs in Europe was lifted the next year, and the Premier League would be founded in 1992.

Adidas are set to pay tribute to that moment as part of the Adidas Icon Retro series, with Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Juventus jerseys all set to come as well.

Images of the yellow shirt have leaked to Footy Headlines, and it looks rather lovely.

Of course, just to prevent any confusion, this is just a retro shirt, and not a jersey the players will actually wear in competitive games.

The long-sleeved shirt is in ‘equipment yellow’, with ‘collegiate navy’ sleeves and collar, and an additional red trim.

The Adidas Icon Retro is reportedly set to be available in July.