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11th Jul 2018

WATCH: The Lightning Seeds playing “Three Lions” in front of 30,000 England fans is as awe-inspiring as you’d expect

Wil Jones

They played in front of 30,000 people in Hyde Park

With the beautiful weather – as well as England doing far, far better than anyone expected – fan parks have been very popular this last week or so.

And arguably none have been as impressive as Hyde Park in London. Organised at the last minute, 30,000 lucky fans won tickets in a ballot to watch England’s semi-final against Croatia on big screens in the capital.

That wasn’t all though – before the game, the Lightning Seeds performed “Three Lions” live (they might have played some other songs – though honestly, at this point, we’re not to bothered in they play “Life of Riley” or not).

Of course, people filmed it on their cameraphones, and it looks awesome.

And here they are playing it in Sunderland a few days ago.

“Three Lions” returned to the top of the UK charts on Sunday evening – expect it to stay their if England keep playing like this.