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02nd Jun 2019

WATCH: Jurgen Klopp almost falls off bus during Liverpool’s trophy parade

Kyle Picknell

Jurgen has had a shandy

We cannot really stress enough just how great Jurgen Klopp has been since winning the Champions League on Saturday night, his very first trophy with Liverpool.

We’ve had him singing the Liverpool version of ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ by Salt-N-Pepa in a post-match presser.

We’ve had him, 20 minutes after the game had ended, admit he was already ‘half-pissed’ during a pitchside interview.

We’ve had him share an absolutely beautiful moment with Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson.

And now this, possibly his finest bit of Kloppery yet – almost falling off the Liverpool trophy parade bus because he is having too much of a good time to really concentrate on keeping his balance.

Watch him, with his baseball cap reversed and a beer firmly in his grasp, just fucking loving life.

Until, of course, the bus halts to a stop and he almost falls off the edge trying to balance himself.

Even in this picture, sat at the back of the bus with Liverpool youth players Rhian Brewster and Curtis Jones, he appears to be completely off balance.

Please Jurgen, try not to fall off the bus. We all love you too much. Although that being said, I am sure there are thousands upon thousands of Scousers who would be more than willing to try and catch you if you do tip over the edge.

Honestly, I think you’d be alright as long as Simon Mignolet isn’t hanging around down there.