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25th Jun 2018

Toni Kroos has worn the same pair of boots for four years

If it's a superstition, it's clearly working

Reuben Pinder

It’s hard not to like Toni Kroos

Show me a person who doesn’t like Toni Kroos and I’ll show you a liar. He’s the closest thing that you’ll find to the perfect footballer, combining supreme technique, elegance on the ball, a professional attitude and a love of Robbie Williams.

As many people have spotted during this year’s World Cup, he also wears the same boots he has worn for years.

Since adidas and Nike started sending their newest boots to the footballers on their books, it’s become extremely rare to see a player at the top level stick to one pair.

But Kroos is not like other footballers. He plays on his tip toes, stroking the ball from one side of the pitch to the other, and he does so in a pair of white and black Adidas Adipure 11pro boots from 2013/14.

The German playmaker came to his country’s rescue on Saturday night when he struck a 95th minute winner from a ridiculously tight angle.

Maybe it’a superstition, but when you’ve won as many trophies as he has, you would stick to it, wouldn’t you?