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08th Jun 2022

Bangladesh newspaper uses Strangers Things actors’ as photo of Griezmann and Umtiti

Callum Boyle

Coming soon to your screens

Stranger Things season four has caused quite the storm, with fans of the show hooked on what will happen next as they eagerly wait for the final two episodes to be released in July.

People all around the globe have been glued to their screen – and that includes some of the biggest names in the footballing world.

Griezmann has always been a huge fan of the show

One of those is Atletico Madrid forward Antoine Griezmann, who has been a long-time fan of the programme. Back in 2019, the French international posted a pic of him alongside Umtiti, calling the show the “best series.”

Griezmann posted the picture of the two underneath an image of two of the main characters in Stranger Things, Lucas and Dustin and implied that both he and his former Barcelona teammate could be actors in the series.

If you’re fan of the show, its pretty clear to know that Griezmann and Umtiti are not the same as the characters in the Netflix show, but one newspaper was mistakingly fooled.

A Bangladeshi newspaper was fooled and thought the tweet posted by the 31-year-old was a genuine picture from his and Umtiti’s childhood as they included it in a recent report.

Social media’s reaction

Their mistake didn’t go unnoticed and plenty of people responded on Twitter to the honest, but very funny, mistake the Bengali news outlet had published.

One user said: “A newspaper in Bangladesh used photos of Dustin and Lucas from Stranger Things as pictures of footballers Samuel Umtiti and Antoine Griezmann being friends since childhood,” alongside three laughing face emojis.

“Just love this. There has to be more out there. Come on Twittersphere, set to it,” another user tweeted.

A third person tweeted: “Strangest Thing.”

What a strange(r) thing(s) to happen, right?

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