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10th Dec 2022

Staggering Samuel Eto’o World Cup prediction looks like it’s coming true

Callum Boyle

Mystic Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o’s bold prediction that Morocco would reach the World Cup final is looking even more likely by the day after yet another famous win.

Morocco beat Portugal 1-0 on Saturday to become the first African nation to reach the World Cup semi finals and will face the winners of England and France on Wednesday night.

Before the World Cup Eto’o was asked to give his predictions for the World Cup and when discussing Morocco’s route to the final, it was looking extremely accurate.

According to the Cameroon legend, he believed that Morocco would go on to beat Spain, Portugal and France before to get to the final.

So far, Morocco have beaten Spain and Portugal meaning that should France beat Gareth Southgate’s side, Eto’o will have correctly predicted the outcome of their run to the final.

It’s also worth noting that the 41-year-old said his native Cameroon would get to the final and that Qatar would beat England in the round of 16 stage, so don’t get too excited just yet.

Speaking to AS in November he said: “Over the years, African teams have gained more and more experience, and I think they are ready not only to participate in a World Cup but also to win this competition.

“Africa has always had the potential to deliver great World Cups, but we haven’t always shown our best face so far.”

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