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16th Jun 2018

Sorry, but the ‘heartwarming’ clip of Cristiano Ronaldo and that mascot isn’t from the World Cup

Wil Jones

On Friday night, another chapter of the World Cup history was written

Spain faced Portugal on Friday night, in a titanic tussle for the ages. It was a thundering encounter, the kind of game that we love World Cups for. There were six goals (including a few absolute stunners), a penalty, a late equaliser, and some all-round wonderful football.

And at the centre of it all was, of course, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Real Madrid striker scored a hat trick, including an absolutely beautiful free kick to make it 3-3.

It reminded us all just how great a player Ronaldo is, and how lucky as football fans we are to get to see him play in his prime.

And this caused an outpouring of love for CR7. In particular, one little clip is being shared, of Ronaldo sharing a smile with a child mascot, prior to the game. It’s a lovely moment, showing that he’s actually a nice guy despite his cocky demeanour.

Gary Lineker even shared it.

And Mark Chapman mentioned it at half time during the France – Australia game.

Thing is, guys, it’s old. It’s not from Friday night. You’ve been had. You’re a rube. A mug. You’ve been taken for a ride.

It is actually from the final of Euro 2016, two years ago. You can easily tell by the Euro 2016 badges on Ronaldo’s shoulder, and on the kid’s shirt. Or you might remember it from when it actually first happened, and went viral then.

Sorry to be ‘that guy’. But the truth will set you free.