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05th Jun 2018

Sergio Ramos ridicules claims he injured Mo Salah on purpose

"All I'm missing is for Firmino to say he got a cold because a bead of my sweat landed on him"

Kyle Picknell

Oh, Sergio. Never change.

Pantomine villain and the world’s best defender (yes, yes he is) Sergio Ramos has thoroughly ridiculed claims that he injured everyone’s favourite player who only started watching football this season, Mo Salah, during the Champions League final, which saw the Spaniard win his third consecutive European Cup as captain (fourth overall), a feat last achieved by the great Franz Beckenbauer and absolutely nobody else in between.

Speaking to AS, Ramos has now dismissed the – it must be said – small minority of Reds fans out there demanding he be hung, drawn, quartered, eighthed and then thrown into the River Mersey to be fed upon by the crocodiles native to the Greater Liverpool area.

On Salah’s injury, he said: “Bloody hell, they’ve given this a lot of attention, the Salah thing … I didn’t want to speak because everything is magnified. I see the play well, he grabs my arm first and I fell to the other side, the injury happened to the other arm and they said that I gave him a judo hold. After the goalkeeper said that I dazed him with a clash with me I am only missing Firmino saying that he got a cold because a drop of my sweat.”

Yeah, you heard that right. Ramos is that powerful his sweat is enough run down even the most athletic, physically impressive forwards with a cold. And for all those still wanting his blood to flow into Queens Dock, he has made it clear that he has spoken to Salah since the incident.

Salah, he reveals, was actually given the opportunity to play in the second half if he had opted for a painkilling injection:

“I spoke with Salah through messages he was quite good. He could have played if he got an injection for the second half, I have done it sometimes but when Ramos does something like this, it sticks a little bit more. I don’t know if it’s because you’re at Madrid for so long and win for so long that people look at it a different way.”

That’s Ramos for you, all he does is win, and he’s been winning so much he can now legitimately refer to himself in third person and it still kinda works.

If you”re still annoyed by him, just know that is just another personal W for the rich, handsome, 150 cap, World Cup, European Cup, Champions League winning defender. Haters gon’ hate. Ramos gon’ Ram, and continue to pick up trophies like loose change falling out of his pocket whether you like it or not.