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15th Jun 2018

Ronaldo’s smirk at Nacho after his penalty didn’t go unnoticed

Never change, Cristiano

Reuben Pinder

What a game

This evening’s game between Spain and Portugal got off to a flying start as Portugal took the lead within five minutes through a Cristiano Ronaldo penalty. The decision to award the penalty divided opinion, as Ronaldo tripped over Nacho’s leg, although the Spain defender appeared to pull out of the challenge at the last second.

While there was definitely contact, it appeared as though Ronaldo might have initiated contact with the defender and taken full advantage.

That’s what his facial expression after scoring the penalty would indicate, anyway. After burying the penalty and pulling out his trademark “SIIIIIIIIIIIM” celebration, Ronaldo looked over to his Real Madrid teammate and gave him the cheekiest of smirks.

Oh Cristiano, please never change.